Wheelie Bin Tow in Bendigo Available Through Stumpman Sales

Moving your wheelie bin around your property is easy when you use a wheelie bin tow in Bendigo provided by Stumpman Sales. Our team has created a variety of products that help make your lawn maintenance faster and more efficient; this attachment helps you tow your bin behind the ride on lawn mower with ease. Our goal is to take away some of the physical assertion often associated with yard work.

The wheelie bin tow bar serves as the connector between your ride on mower and a wheelie bin. The wheelie bin tow bar is attachable in seconds and has the capacity to tow different size wheelie bins. Made from steel, the bar is built tough and is also compatible with any size wheelie bin which allows for easy transport around your property.

If you are interested in an efficient way to gather brush trimmings, a great option is our leaf and stick rake. This is another selection that offers easy hook-up to any size ride on lawn mower to make yard cleaning easy. It collects the dry materials such as pine needles and grass, from your yard – both of which pose a fire hazard during summertime.

Our team understands the pride you feel when your lawn looks beautiful. The professionals at Stumpman Sales have a deep understanding of the tools required to accomplish your yard care goals. We are available to answer any questions or address concerns regarding a wheelie bin tow bar, to ensure that you feel completely comfortable with your purchase. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page or call us on 1800 819493.

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