Keep Your Lawn Clean and Healthy with Our Ride on Mower Rake and Leaf and Stick Rake in Walmer

As a property owner, maintaining a healthy lawn is an important responsibility. At times, you may shy away from it because it is time-consuming and physically demanding. However, yard care does not have to be a back-breaking task when you use a leaf and stick rake in Walmer from Stumpman Sales.

The Importance of Raking Your Lawn Frequently

Many property owners mistakenly think that using a ride on mower rake in Walmer merely helps the aesthetics of the area. After all, how pleasing is it to look at a yard covered in leaves and sticks? While this is the primary reason to maintain your outdoor area, using a leaf and stick rake in Walmer is a key component in your lawn’s health.

A beneficial time to use a leaf and stick rake in Walmer to clean your yard is before the season changes. For example, if the area is filled with a layer of leaves after the fall and the cooler months of winter set in, you run the risk of an increase in problems such as brown patches on your property. This attracts pests, and other animals causing more issues.

If leaves or sticks are left unchecked during the hot summer months, you prevent the grass from being able to “breathe” and get the vital nutrients it needs to stay green and luscious. When a layer of build-up forms on top of the grass, the roots are blocked from water, healthy air and sunlight. Another issue is when the grass blades are matted down, it’s tough for new ones to grow the following spring.

An Easy Solution

We understand that your time is valuable which is why our leaf and stick rake in Walmer is the perfect option to clean your yard accurately and efficiently. This product picks up not only leaves and sticks but pine needles and grass that are at high risk of catching fire during the summer season. This piece is attachable to any size mower. It is built strong so you never have to worry about deck or blade damage when gathering or running over sticks. One person can operate the attachment with two actions for collection and transport.

Reach Out to Stumpman Sales for Your Lawn Care Accessories

Owned and operated for over twenty years, the team at Stumpman Sales understand the importance of a healthy and appealing lawn. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the tools to create a setting that will fill you with pride when you or your guests look at it. Our products are simple to use with no maintenance worries which makes lawn care easy and straightforward.

Our friendly customer service staff is here to answer any questions. For more information on our accessories for a ride on mower rake in Walmer or any of our other products, call us on 1800 819493 or use our contact page to send us a message.

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