Wheelie Bin Tow Bar

Wheelie Bin Tow Bar



Product Description

Wheelie Bin Tow Bar – For Ride On Lawn Mower

 Why struggle to move your wheelie bin to the pickup site to have your rubbish collected ?

  •  You can tow your wheelie bin behind your ride on lawn mower with the wheelie bin towing bracket.
  •  Once the wheelie bin tow bar has been attached to your ride on lawn mower then it is just a simple matter of hitching the Wheelie Bin.
  •  The wheelie bin tow bar can be attached / detached to your ride on mower in less than 15 Seconds with little effort.
  •  The wheelie bin will follow the ride-on mower as a normal trailer would.
  •  You can hitch different size wheelie bins behind your ride on mower, allowing you to move your waste bin to a central emptying or collection point safely.
  •  This materials handling equipment makes moving your wheelie bin easy.
  •  The tow bar is made from durable steel.
  •  Flat Rate Shipping Australia Wide $15


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