Stick Rake - Dumping

Dumping the Load of Leaves, Twigs & Branches.

Stick Rake - Raking

Stick rake raking up a Load of Leaves, Twigs & Branches using a Ride on Lawn Mower.

Stick Rake - Compatibility

You can also use the tow behind leaf, twig, pine needles, grass, horse manure and stick rake with most Zero Turn Mowers.s

Wheelie Bin Tow Bar - Attachment

Wheelie bin tow bar attached to the ride on lawn mower

Wheelie Bin Tow Bar - Attached

Once its attached then it is just a simple matter of hitching the Wheelie Bin. The tow bar is designed to keep the lid closed whilst in the travel position.

Wheelie Bin Tow Bar - In Use

Wheelie bin attached via the wheelie bin tow bar to the ride on lawn mower.