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Tow behind Twig, Pine needles, Leaf, Grass, Horse Manure and Stick Rake for Ride on Lawn Mower
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Information about Leaf and Stick Rake for Ride on Lawn Mower

Before the bush fire season.

The Leaf and Stick rake tows behind your ride on lawn mower.
It allows you to clean up twigs, leaves, pine needles, grass and sticks, horse manure for the summer fire season.
This remarkable machine, makes cleaning up around the home easy.

If used correctly, you can rake sticks up to 40mm diameter and 2 Metres long.

It allows you to clean up grass as it is being mown, saving that time consuming job of hand raking.
The tow behind stick rake allows you to quickly, easily and efficiently clean up large areas, leaving the area as though it has been hand raked.
You can dump the leaves, sticks, grass, pine needles and twigs in a pile, to be burnt, mulched or carried away, easily with the stick rake.

You can tow the rake behind any size ride on lawn mower and most zero turn mowers to rake up horse manure from the horse riding arena or paddock.

It is simple and easy to operate, with only two actions.

If you wish to release the load you have collected, just pull forward on the handle.
If you wish to pick up another load, as you are pulling forward on the handle, press the button and hold in until the tines have touched the ground, and continue raking.

With the rake in the UP (locked ) position, the rake can be easily transported around the property.
If necessary it can be backed in against a fence, shed or under a tree, to minimise the amount of hand raking to be done.

The stick rake can be attached to any size ride on lawn mower.
If your tow hitch is over 27 cm above the ground, then a simple "drop tow bar" can be supplied to give the tines plenty of ground clearance in the travel position.

The "Spring Steel tines" allow each individual tine to jump over small stumps and large rocks and return to normal position.
The tines are made of Spring Steel for longer life, and to prevent tines from straightening, under normal conditions of use.

The stick rake can be handled easily when off the Ride-on lawn mower
allowing a one person operation.

The rake weighs under 20 KG.
The stick rake can be easily "Flat Packed" for delivery by Australia Post.

Payment Details
If within Australia payment is by Cheque, or direct deposit into bank account.